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After 40+ years fed service, just had an impressive pre-retirement class. It cast light on some previous misconceptions. This note addresses mainly CSRS workers but most concepts, do’s and don’t’s apply as well to FERS and private sector employees.

  • DON’T retire if you don’t have to and want to retire
  • You and any partner need to plan well ahead of retirement (or face disaster)
  • If you saved WELL, lived well and have good post retirement income,
    • a 3.5% annuity on $1,000,000 (about $35,000 per year, gross), or more
    • could offset retirement income loss.
  • While losing some deductions upon retiring, ADD several $100s of Medicare Each
  • Best survivors have 30+ years of good capital asset (cash and RE)
  • Retire to a no or low pension tax state (12, Alabama, Alaska, Florida, Mississippi, Nevada, New Hampshire, Pennsylvania, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Washington, Wyoming) or ex-conus
  • Find and retain (less than 1% of assets per year) Independent Retirement Adviser
  • Might consider Chiriqui, Panama at Chiriqui Chatter blog
  • or the Central Pacific coast at Costa Pedasi, Los Santos, Panama

More to follow ..

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  1. Please, share your comments and opinions. Lets make retirement work for everyone. everettnage AT gmail DOT com

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