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OCIL Contacts

Oxnard Channel Islands Lions Club 2404
Link: OCIL Main Web
Link: OCIL 2404 Officers [Fixed]
Government blocks

PRES Scott Feland 805‐216‐5049
IPP Jose Pech 805‐205‐0829
1STVP Stella Batey 805‐340‐7098
SECY Wayne Rowe 805-844-0322 ???
TREAS Paul Beardshear 805-218-8990 ???
MEMBER Belinda Bichard 805‐443‐3519

2016-2017 – Nominated 03 May 2016 (Current)
PRES      (Scott Feland) 805‐216‐5049
IPP        Jose Pech 805‐205‐0829
1STVP      Blake Bichard 805‐824‐2722
2NDVP     Stella Batey 805‐340‐7098
3RDVP ?? T/B/D ??
SECY     Everett Batey 805-616-2471 (Wayne Rowe)
TREAS     Cathy Gintjee 805-302-2030 (Paul Beardshear)
MEMBER     Belinda Bichard 805‐443‐3519
1YRBD     Kevin Macey, 1-224-321-4030
1YRBD ??
2YRBD     Valerie Feland, 805-443-8529
2YRBD ??
Zone7        Jose Pech 805‐205‐0829
Possible OCIL Board Members, or other roles:
  Helmut Brinkman,
  Danny Harbold,
  Keith Jacobson,
  Marlene Kaiser,
  Lucretia Vicuna

Which possible members are missing?

PLEASE, Send Name Spelling, Phone, Email corrections to email Lion Everett and to email Lion Wayne

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